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Energy Eater, from King David

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“When I was in Vietnam, lying in that horseshoe-shaped rice paddy after I’d been hit, I was waiting to die. I was fully expecting to die, Mr. Steadman."

The Perfect Command

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He stood in front of her. They stood eye to eye. "You aren't supposed to look me in the eye. If I were anyone else you would be smacked down on the ground right now. Treat me as you would a lover, your master."

Summer Flip Flops

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Sal, a finder of misplaced objects notices the sunglasses, flip flops and boxers left on the pathway heading to the beach. They are his gifts today, so gallant is he of these ‘strays’ seeking ownership. He tries the glasses on first and feels dizzy.

The Life That Ends.

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Always the same nutmeg brown hair, always. I looked across the street through the window at the group of girls in the café. It was her, it had to be. No matter what lifetime it was she was always reborn with the same brownish red hair. And those lips…

Finding Edith Allen

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Raised in Detroit by supportive parents, Helen grows up in an integrated culture. Adopted at birth, and with the support of her family, she decides to take a trip to Tennessee in search of her birth mother.


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The shop is dark except for a shaft of light from the back room. I try the locked door, jiggle the knob, bang loudly on the pane glass and yell for Mr. Haupmann. A man's head appears in the backlit doorway to a room adjoining the darkened retail area. …

Psychics or Ouija Boards - Who Ya Gonna Call?

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Madame B would come once a week and tell me things that I needed to know in exchange for some free items. She would come and grasp my hand while telling me the same thing week after week. Madame B always told me to relax and things would eventually come.

The Judge's Wife Part 10

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The Judge waited for the perfect wave.