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In the evidence of broad daylight, in the secrecy of darkness, in drizzling rain that teased the embers, Annabelle worked hard.

Bongo the Space Ape

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Bongo doesn’t need this shit. The fourth and fifth Lassies spent their twilight years in a resort kennel in Southern California, each mutt with its own human-sized bed and pool, and steak for dinner every night. Bongo just spent sixteen hours in a crate

Stay By Me (And Make the Moment Last)

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I imagine Gene Simmons licking a twelve year old girl that looks like Erin dressed in a dog collar and leash.


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She can still be normal, says Momma, knowing my sister can’t hear, forgetting I can.

Daddy's Teeth

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At night, I wake up, and Daddy's in the bathroom with a hanger in his mouth....


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He watches his paralyzed left arm arc across his body, then swivel around and disappear behind his back. He does this over and over again. He's very high and it makes him laugh.