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I am warming up the Hotel Hugo courtesy shuttle van when Victor the front desk manager comes striding out waving his arms asking me why I haven't backed up yet. Victor says I'm always in my own world when I should be paying attention to the work at hand,

The Tall Man’s Secret

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He’s stark, raving, buck naked the whole time. It isn’t until the midst of a long, rambling conversation about secret extraterrestrial underground bases, that I abruptly change the subject.


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“What? Someone broke into your apartment while you were there and did what?” “The dishes.” “The intruder did the dishes?” “Yes.” “The intruder did the dishes?” A second time, skeptically, “And left a sweet note.” You would clarify.

The Bombshell

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He put Claudine in the barn. This caused him some pain—he’d have preferred for her to be able to stay with him in the house. His mother and father, were very strict Lutherans and insisted on marriage before ‘bunking together’.

Try Not to Die in Bayonne

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Dad says grandma is a cunt and it's probably true

After Hours in a Shopping Mall

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In the mall at midnightstores dark and shuttered distant footfalls echo off glass walls and marble floors random people scattered like asteroids in the vast emptiness of space drunks vagabondslost souls homeless with their shopping…

Chaz and Betty

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immortal love is tough

The Dart League

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His friends were obsessed with the end of the world. The joke he had told himself over and over again while fishing, was that on his return, the town would be completely gone. A smoldering crater. People sure can influence you.

The Cloud

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a complicated relationship between a man and a cloud, featuring a hydraulic harpoon gun.

The Yawn

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La Petite Ange had lived all her life in Paris under the strange architectural twists of Notre Dame. She had been a Bluebell girl once, kicking her surprisingly long legs into the air to the delight of plumbers and Prince du…


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There is one particular dog, she's one of those hot dog ones, and fast too.