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(5) Forgiveness

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“Charlie was right about you, Nan,” she said in a voice of pure defeat. “You are a gentle spirit. And probably too good for people like us.”

(2) Liars

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"Being honest with me," said her teacher, "will hopefully allow you to be honest with yourself--writing is about being honest, and articulating that honesty." It sounded like a riddle, and her teacher looked at her with the sanctimony of a wizard.

(7) Plus and Minus

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"Her actions in the city seemed invariably designed to destroy that person, which she’d worked so hard all her life to become."

The bit with the bear attack (novel excerpt)

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Then pain jerks him awake and he’s stretched on his back in the burnt-out foundation. He’s been dragged feet-first from his fireplace bed by a bear, a real bear, and now it rises to its full height and crashes down hard with its paws on his chest.

The Unwelcome: Chapter 1

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Whatever that meant, however such a thing could have happened, the house, the place, the whole property...did have that feeling: remote and silent, austere as a tomb of the unknown.

Stories of Love Under a Full Moon

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What do you do when someone’s in love and you know it’s wrong?