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Estoppel Pays For The Souls He Threw Over

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as if holding onto a brick house wife, her reasons for remaining cold, aloof notwithstanding...

A Couplet Of Light Years From Asteroid

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The stupid line cook at Arby's who spits in your sandwich.

The 10,000 Violent Demises Of Wiley

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Coyote has got that joystick between his legs

Ectopic Bio

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Chip off the blip of an EKG from thirteen peaks back

What The Fuck Ghazal

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Sweet Ritchie Flyweight pummeled the speed bag. Sweat drips right chops and backhand slaps

Bastrop Froggies Lost In The Piney Sonnet

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Yet they keep ... arriving, veritable busloads of clusters, nebulae burning to be alone

Copywriter Outside The Lines

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Did you ever figure it, but too late?

We Hardly Knew Ye Ghazal

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Then he opened up a can of cold Del Monte string beans.


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translucent skin tinged a bit baby blue from cigarettes in the break room, repressed

Cliff Notes From Hipster

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the suspense is saving me

This Story is Terrible, and I Only Wrote It to Annoy You People

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Barton Creek

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like taking Christ into the soul, pray to denizens of Dripping Springs

Linked In Won't Leave Me Alone

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didn't have to choke it, or even stroke much

Why Mitch McConnell Can't Get It Up: A Tragedy in One Act

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Simple Katia @ Tumblr_669

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on the Facebook ok? on Facebook the invidious way