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Sugar and Saline

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Aidan and Amber met in a doughnut shop.


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His own laugh, which Martinez had not expected, broke his bad-cop pose. Again, the mirror. The kid’s face was still sour with sass, barely concealing heavy worry, but there was something new in it. Relief, like the lonely show when company comes.

Five Evangelists

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Five evangelists in bathing suits baptize a man while green chilies roast on a Ferris wheel rotisserie

X, Vignette 4, Gennady Gennadyevitch Gromov

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Forty-five minutes ago Gennady had been flying through the air, too, and not in any figurative sense.

Losing It

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The following is a true story, or rather it is a true experience from the story of my life. Some say that just because something happens doesn't really make it "true".

Snow in the Sandias

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If there was a God he was deaf in both ears, blind in both eyes and dumb.