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Reindeer Nights

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It all started a long time ago. September 1, 1939, Hitler invaded Poland. His army was moving fast. We lived not far from the city of Krakow. On the third day of invasion a lot of men (civilian) walked through our city, running away from the German Army.


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My name is Op. That is what they call me, because everything anyone says, right away I think the opposite and head that way. So I am Op. I spent the War in Georgia, a section of southern Russia near the Black Sea, which is how I survived that whole mes

Cognitive Therapy in Russian

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We aren't designed for darkness. Something deep inside of us, something much older and deeper than us is telling us to move away, get to warm, because if we don’t, come winter we will die.

10 Easy Steps to a Better Intellectual Life

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Let’s face it, there are simply too many things too know these days.


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SELF INVASION When the Russians invade, I swing into action. Apply lightning bug warpaint. Dip into my secret weapons cache. Take up position on the elementary school roof. They march a hundred…

Age is Relativity

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Albert Einstein was probably the genius of our age. Joe Biden is a close second, yet Einstein not only had better hair but a keener knack to think of things that no one else could, or would, or would ever want to, since if they did, their brain would shockingly combust in a…


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The shop is dark except for a shaft of light from the back room. I try the locked door, jiggle the knob, bang loudly on the pane glass and yell for Mr. Haupmann. A man's head appears in the backlit doorway to a room adjoining the darkened retail area. …


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"I was naked in a seventies film and the Pope condemned me but I told him to fuck off! Hey, do you know a good mechanic, someone who can fix my Nissan’s computer?"