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No one has the right/ to script how someone dies.

Something Like the Promise of a Better Life

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Unhappiness is a necessary boon

Crumbling Stones Crush Our Self Esteem

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Jimi and Janis remain fierce and beautiful

Aesthetic Strategy

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it acquires a fine translucence

Quantum Mechanics

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It seems a little solipsistic/ but may indeed be evidence of God// given its mystery and caprice.


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But we proliferated back

Why I Write- Item Seventeen

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I feel I am, in fact,/ the dimmest and least wise/ man on earth.

Despite the Spring

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The scarred heart pumps its viscous blood.

Wonder as the Sum of All My Ignorance

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Questions unanswered proliferate/ across the April sky, blue// with wisps of cirrus white.

Be Afraid

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Everything conspires to kill you:


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Even mockingbirds are scarce;

Portrait without Birds

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so Tippi has no interest

Republican Presidential Candidates Haiku

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If they were drowning,


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the last, best// analgesic--/ guaranteed

Duration and Frequency

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for spirits and demons have no life/ but what imagination gives