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Life in my Pockets

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I always keep them separate. One in the left, the other in the right and they are not allowed to swap. They have their homes and if they are anywhere other than the right or the left pocket then they are lost.


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Forty years is a very long time to live with someone.Ellen stood motionless at the curtainless kitchen window, staring at the autumnal woods, looking for signs of the various animals that frequented her property. She had done this every morning and every evening since Jim…

Park Bench

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“You loved running.” “I used to love many things.” “You shouldn’t give up on what you love.” The woman blew on her hands to keep them warm. The man said nothing. He pulled a water bottle from the inside of his jacket and took a sip.


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When you embraced me, I felt amazing.I rode miles today to play cards and drink Dr.Pepper with you. Today was the first time. As you whispered the words, the key, I felt your body tighten with mine.

In the Evening

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The air is motionless. Not even a puff of a breeze. We sit on the front porch, swatting at mosquitos and watching fireflies. “Christ, it's humid. It's like wearing a wet towel.” Thunder rumbles across the lake, echoing off the water like a rolling suitcase on…

All Men With Well Trimmed Beards

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Or, do my own red flags counter balance his. My back and forth, my restlessness, my one foot out the door, my ‘once a leaver… always a leaver’, my pitter patter for a former flame... peppered with my transgressions, my mistakes. Or, worse, the way I have

The Year, In Review

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And him, now there’s a him. I’d like if he were perfect, but perfect things never are. My daughter says it best, when she contrasts the two of you, “Daddy worked to forget about his problems. When he works, it makes him feel like there is a problem.”

Under the Jacaranda Trees

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When I left, Phil dropped to his knees and grabbed my ankles with his hands. His face was red and ugly from crying. “Wait!” he kept saying. “Let’s just talk for a minute!” But we’d already talked. We’d talked and talked and talked. The only thing left to

The Wanderers

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I remember songs I promised and never had time to write.

Waves of Memory

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"Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. It doesn’t mean anyone is to blame - It just is."