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Mirko's Morning

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"Your loss," she cackled, stumbled to the bed in the corner, hummed a tuneless song, and began snoring, too.

Mirko's Mountain

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“All these things I will give you, if you fall down and worship me,” Father turns to him.


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Stealing an apple or a kohlrabi walking past a fruit stall was child’s play but this was armed robbery. Prison, not reform school.


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"Your mother does sailors," the parrot screeched.

Where They Have to Take You In

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Sunday morning beginning with a bang. Accused, found wanting, sentenced.

Earth's the Right Place for Love

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When he turns around she has her top off and is climbing out of her skirt. "I don't like old men that much," she says. "We don't have to talk. No one will know."

And Father Makes Three

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His father whistles The Torreador's Song in the kitchen; Mirko smells bacon.

Sounds of Silence

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Mirko returns! All the words have been said.

Sweet Sounds of Home

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Father makes sure the rum is safe, and still down, on his ass, he unscrews the top and takes a slug, and then a second one.