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My hood

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My father was a writer and a great man, and his father was a writer, as was the one before him, and he was a great writer, too.

Tickled pink

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Where was Nietzsche when I needed him? How exactly did I become who I am?

Four Fundamentalist Teenagers In Front Of A Metropolitan Railway Car

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That morning, four children appeared in front of the train, which was ready to depart

The Law of the Jungle

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The phallic serenely protrudes into the spongy, bringing pleasure to both creatures.

The serious writer and her bush

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The serious writer looks back on a long and distinguished career as an herbologist.

My (Imaginary) Dinner With Lydia Davis

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Everyday I take advantage of my looks, for example I never remove lint from my socks, my gloves, or my hat.

Art Space

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Thornton thought the abandoned castle would make a wonderful gallery space.

Hitler's Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

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Christmas is here and there's work to do.

At a Welsh Wedding

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He was manic, depressive, schizophrenic, bipolar, paranoid, cyclothymic, borderline, or a genius.

Sex Drive-Thru

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There are a couple of hooks to hang clothes and a curtain that acts as the fourth wall so you can hide yourself, your lady and your car in one cloth swoop. Lili closes the curtain and there’s the sound of metal on metal as the curtain rings rake across


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I recounted missed appointments, work shifts and cat feedings along with a series of forgotten door codes, keys, vitamins, and days in which I had forgotten to apply deodorant or moisturizer. Dr. Randall listened patiently as I went down my list. When I was finished, he…

Tickled Pink

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I drove to work with a chest as tight as a duck's arse.

The Hill of Crosses

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Without time gravity is just a magic trick.


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At night he brings the men through a passageway constructed under the old stables during the Civil War.

It Was the Light

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A fast breeze, along with laughter from a group of teenagers in St. Mark's Place, filled the bedroom. Ashley's hand slid over Ben's back, and he felt like shrinking away into the old king-sized mattress.