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The ellipses rolled off her tongue like intransigent Skittles. Prisoners of laughter were making a break through her mouth, but the guards of her hand shot them down as they ran through the yard of her face and scrambled over the fortifie

Zeus Takes a Day Job

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Yesterday he made a $23 latte with 13 shots of espresso. No wonder they’re so tightly wound; all wrapped up in their own little worlds, noses buried in their smart phones, thumbs and fingers pressing buttons....


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The shop is dark except for a shaft of light from the back room. I try the locked door, jiggle the knob, bang loudly on the pane glass and yell for Mr. Haupmann. A man's head appears in the backlit doorway to a room adjoining the darkened retail area. …

Tomorrow in Tonga

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What would you do today if you knew your time was up

Tree voices (revised)

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Tree Voices (revised)

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The Tree

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No fuckin' way, Maude. Excuse me, but you know I can't stand that bag of wind. No way.

The Magus

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When at last I went to my father to learn the art of magic, I found him lounging around on a gigantic living seahorse the color of the ocean in the middle of Court, and said, “Pops, I want to talk to you about life.”

Play it, Sam

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...still the same old signs...