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Some folks say your hands can tell the story of your life. Well, my hands cain't talk, but they've made so many pies, I bet they could do it themselves if you cut 'em off and gave 'em the right ingredients, I sure do.

War Nurses and Lost Fathers - For Memorial Day

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I have been mother to a hundred soldiers, holding their hands barely knowing their names

from "Memorial Day"

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The kite hovered like a gull, just high enough that I thought, for a moment, it might break from its string and glide over the Atlantic. My father pointed out into the expanse and said, See kids, there’s Ireland.

The Man Who Saved The World

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“Just imagine,” Johann taunted, “if Commander Archipov would have responded defensively to the irrational assault of American depth charges, if he would have mistaken these benign surfacing weapons for a real attack, you would not be standing here today."

X Marks the Spot

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I was an only child....