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Your One Fifteen's Been Here Since Yesterday Morning

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"... How do you sleep at night on a scale of one to ten? ..."

The Rite and Wrong of Passage

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My sadistic doctor was the only one laughing . Yes sir, I was officially, cordially, confirmed to meet that Irish/ Russian fellow…Colon Oscopy.

Sociopathic Medicine

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True love may last forever, but the most I've ever gotten out of a lab assistant is two years, five months, three weeks, twelve days, and fifteen hours. And he was the exception.

The Nightly Dance

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The electricity animates my body into myclonic dance. I do not rest. I dance with the demons; I dance with Nijinsky rage. I dance with the fury of Saint Vitus and his wooden cross. My shoes are fashioned with my own fear, tanned and stretched over my feet


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yet I never want to go without sense of humor, or dumb hope for the little white butterflies

The Element of Ritual

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Nurse Smithers straightened Dr. Baumgartner’s feathered head dress. it had slipped down below the caduceus so carefully painted on his forehead by the medical ritual staff.

The Happy Couple

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I explain the treatment. Introduce the four drugs I'm about to administer. What they are. How they work. What are the side effects. “Where's your port?” I ask. The patient opens up the top button of her shirt so that her collarbone is exposed. I place my

The Hateful Patient

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He especially dreaded the argumentative help-seeking help-rejecting ones who took none of his advice because of contrary information on the Internet.

My Uncle's Last Day in Hospice

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In and out of morphine dreams, he flies through the unfinished roof of Illinois sky. Below, matchbox-sized farm machines. A silo becomes his father's thermos, the silver-capped tower from which he stole sips at ten, his first secret. Back …

Dead Girl Rolling

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They left me on a gurney for hours...