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The Magician

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“Talk is breaking many rules, but listening is holy,” he said last night when he sawed me in half but didn’t.

Some Forms of Trust

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A friend of a friend of a friend was less fortunate and got knocked up at the worst possible time; rumor had it some vindictive bitch’d taken a safety pin to the condoms.

Wishes & Luck

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They know, you can not wish on a moon that bleeds out like a highlighter through the breast shirt pocket. It’s a waning gibbous and it’s been boring since someone didn’t get what they want on a Tuesday in December.

What Could It Mean?

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“Are you familiar with the Mammalian Diving Reflex?” “Yes. When the face comes in contact with water below the temperature of, what, 60 degrees—”


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You tempted fate, walked under ladders, screamed down twisting canyons on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet, stepped on cracks on the sidewalk, ran with scissors, licked a frozen flagpole, rode in cars roaring along at 100 miles an hour and hitch

Tumorhead at the End of the World

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I’ve always wondered why my sister got all the luck in our family. She was shinier than the rest of us, somehow. Had the sweet smell of “good luck” on her.

Old Penny

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Nothing about it// is attractive- its color, it’s design,/ it’s market value. I leave it be and watch

She's Up a Level

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[FUN FACT: Can you name the 3 80's sitcom stars who asked cops when they were pulled over for a speeding ticket, 'Don't you KNOW WHO I AM!' Answer: It's not just three!]