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The Serious Writer and Her Pussy

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One can smuggle drugs inside a pussy. (also, see tags!)


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I'm subconsciously a sucker for guys who are no good for my self-esteem. Or waistline.

An Unusually Bluesy Day Gets In The Bones

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Never did squall, either, only spit a few pitiful drops, a clock whose spring had stopped

Doctor D's Bad Sex Feedback Loop

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Entwined tongues on a run, taking his inventory

Out of Your League

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One. He's out of your league, you know, the guy that comes to the tutoring center every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to help you and the other people in Senora …

John Nixon Cummin' in Matt Hogue.

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[FARCICAL STATUS ... Keep going to Ladd's, you fucking losers! #talesofatwentyFOURyearoldNOTHING]