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Ring, Ring, Ring

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If this is trouble, please call someone else.

Why won't you lie?

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And out on that lake that day you yelled “desperation please!” And I heard “desperate pleas?” I wondered about first impressions.


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When you embraced me, I felt amazing.I rode miles today to play cards and drink Dr.Pepper with you. Today was the first time. As you whispered the words, the key, I felt your body tighten with mine.

Letting Go

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He collected beliefs like butterflies. Pinned in place, proudly displayed and protected from change. They were as ephemeral as a desert mirage. Spectral forms in shimmering light. Images traced in sand with the wind blowing. He held them dear, only to see them…

When I Die

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When I die, have me stuffed and mounted over the mantel of your fireplace next to that portrait of Ernest Hemingway you're so fond of. You know, the one where he's standing next to an 8 foot marlin glistening in the sun. When I die, hang my body…

The Opposite of Fear

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The rocks were pillows around her shorn head, the crimson stream running from her ears the only sign she had not chosen to lay down on them. Behind us, the rockface stood stoic; below us, the water lapped our feet.She held my hand in hers, giving me succor as I…