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Singing River (Excerpt)

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Anola was thirteen, betrothed to another in her tribe, and desperate to find a way out. She had no use for Otenga. He was really no worse than any of the other fifteen-year-old Biloxi warriors, but ...


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My half-brother Salvy laughs each time we meet here at the hospital to visit our father Phil, who has lung cancer. He laughs because Phil married my mother, not his. He laughs at my job in Valhalla, the final resting place for those who lose at the…

The Legend of Bo Grass

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Bo ruled the city by suggesting new scent formulas in a booming croak of a voice that shook the earth for acres around, yet as a result everybody on the block smelled like fairy breath. Or, on his BAD BREATH DAYS all of the people reeked of rotted sushi f

Buffalo Bob and the Honey Dipper

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I girded my loins for battle, as best I could, and dressed from head to toe in hard hat, gas mask, goggles, cover-alls, rubber gloves, and steel-toed boots. At the very least, the bare minimum for performing this unspeakably repugnant toil should have be

Childbed (cenotaph song)

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Those who don’t die, desire, descend. No song aloft arises from my irk. The seeing chieftain, not of sea, nor sand, nor boat, I till nightfall stammer alive, dig boneless trenches against tiding dregs and lathe, hunt, wallow, plow the hours, call in awei

The Tall Black Lady, smiling

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Her room of rage spoke...