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Momo and Me

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Momo told me not to mind her, but I did. At night, after he'd tucked me in, I could hear him on the phone in the living room, talking for a long time. Early this morning he woke me up and gave me my backpack. ‘Put some clothes in here', he said. ‘We're going on a trip.'

Arcology In A Darkening Green

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Arboretum of entropy, the things an animal did: automaton, mineral vegetable in a moving van.


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she wanted to hear you tell her her eyes are made of lavender and lime twist. but all you said was fuck with your lips. so she swam away

Snow White: The King

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I’ve never humiliated a woman in my life.

Phantom head syndrome

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The Bird King suffers from phantom head syndrome. Ever since his decapitation by a critic, he has felt pain where his head used to be. Sometimes it wakes him in the night. It's so excruciating, he fumbles for a saw. But alas! there's nothing to chop off.He's seen every…

My Man Wears Cherry Pants

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My man wears chartreuse shoes.! He wears chartreuse shoes like a new king right there on Main St.!