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minimal one

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Maybe he should have a schnauzer in the room. He could toss a ball and the dog would bring it to him. Again and again the dog would return the ball.

Peer Review

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Joseph K. ran a publishing house in the shadow of the Castle. Perhaps “publishing house” is too grand a title. Joseph K. kept a battery of six or seven (depending on repairs) manual typewriters, a crate of carbon paper, and a large stapling machine


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Everything you need to know about Kafka.


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. . . our fear of the end of the world is mitigated by the necessity of finding black leather coats we can afford. I mention this because every one I know except Michelle owns such a coat or jacket. For her, this wardrobe omission is a source of pride

The Hunger Artist

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Please cook out the Kafka. Either you have eaten my saltine. Or you have poisoned the Jell-O. Please fess up.

Ten Minutes in the Life of Franziska Kafka

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bullet points about her soul

Just Desserts

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disciplining that Kafka boy


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It would appear that, where the defence of our city is concerned, many things have been neglected.