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Collection Day

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I rang the bell and there she was, black hair feathered and blow-dried like an Italian Farrah Fawcett-Majors, big boobs filling her tight softball jersey, round ass squeezed into painted-on Jordache jeans.

A Night in the Canyon With Young Woman and Rooster

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The scent that drifted through the canyon most nights seeped early through his open window. He pressed his face to the screen. A young woman sat on the patch of crabgrass beside his vegetable garden and fed apple slices to a rooster standing between her legs. In her other…

I'm Drinking This Cup Of Coffee (A.K.A.) I've Never Smoked A Joint

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I thought about how chocolate or an hour massage, can almost trump sex. Then, I bought a chocolate bar and ate it all, without consulting the serving size. It was dark chocolate, 82%, worth it in the short term--- mmmm. I thought about getting stoned.