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On the subject of Brendan Behan, eight lines on why I'm fearful of Christopher Ricks

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Returning word for word, I, in my nightmare, bore an audience from the building

Downward Facing God

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Argus was on to me from the moment I unrolled my mat. He knew damn well I was in the wrong room, but he turned blind eyes.

Mrs. De Florian looks through a north-facing window

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In this the delicate memory through which the birds haunt the light, she knows she was not wounded by a rush of blood, but rather by the flight.

"A bit less hot Tuesday"

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The faces of the sun remain unaltered across the seven day forecast. I am sweat-glued to a poem, looking up at the wall-mounted TV in a diner in the Valley

Summer, 1995.

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I am no different to her, living seven days ahead of myself, looking forward to looking back, as we Irish do so fondly