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and now I'm buzzing / through the muggy air / behind fireflies and night /bugs, whipping my gauze / wings in a blur of minimal / intention..

Behind the (Beekeeper's) Veil

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While I tried to work calmly, internally it was a non-Zen zone. I was experiencing a major adrenalin rush.

Garden Goddess for Hire

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A five-star, world famous hotel nearby even had a new fence put around it recently, to keep out the riff-raff. That would include me. The hired help. A gardener.


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Glitterville. The word dropped into my thoughts with a clang, a word I'd heard in tales around campfires; in whispers between my parents when they thought I was asleep. Glitterville inhabited my childhood as surely as the axe murderer living down the s

Insect Haikus

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The grasshopper leaps And bounds through the green meadow Fleeing from it’s foe

The Cenataur (Part 1)

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Love needs loathing like cold weather needs warm clothing. And all truths, untruths and part truths need a place to live when a mind gets too sardine-packed with information and cynicism... Some say there was a time when the light was brighter, the ear

Things that Happened Then

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His answer is this: he places the forefinger of his right hand, vertical across my lips.


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And I admire// the orchestrations of ants and honeybees/ and the persistence and adaptations/ of the cockroach.