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One Thousand Incarnations and One Thousand Deaths - Part I

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She heard mortar fire, whose percussive power rose above the tapping typewriter keys. A perspiration of terror broke on Loretta’s brow, under her arms. Then suddenly, the whistling of shells.

One Thousand Incarnations and One Thousand Deaths - Part II

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The door flew open, hitting the wall, and the woman seated in the corner across from her pressed herself against the bench. Loretta saw that down through her petticoats came a trickle of yellow liquid, which pooled on the floor.

Flirting With Immortality

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That stupid bastard seemed to defy death at every turn in his life. His actions suggested invincibility, but his catch phrase indicated full awareness that he was indeed quite vincible. And how fitting was his name. We didn’t know if it


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You gave my ancestors nourishment, but they are dead now and I am immortal, today.

from Letters To A Stranger

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Everything was obvious,

Cellini's Salt Cellar

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An old man writes the story of his life into a book.

Zeus Takes a Day Job

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Yesterday he made a $23 latte with 13 shots of espresso. No wonder they’re so tightly wound; all wrapped up in their own little worlds, noses buried in their smart phones, thumbs and fingers pressing buttons....

Before the Fall

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We don't know his name, or why he walks along our beach talking to the wind. They say his house fell into the ocean. Tipped over like Humpty Dumpty and tumbled down the cliff into the sea. We don't know why he walks along the shoreline and sings to the raging surf.…

The Vessel

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For so long as I think I shall live.

Dust to Dust

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He awoke with a start. Unable to go back to sleep he lay there in the dark with his eyes open. The pit in his stomach, brought on by anxiety and grief, made him realize he'd been putting it off for too long. He arose from bed in the silvery glow of pre-dawn to attend…