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The Daughters

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Their mother never teaches them to wipe front to back or to brush their teeth before bed.

A Mighty Fatal Attraction

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The clattering hiss of the stew pot lures Gordon Bombay into the kitchen. Underneath the lid, the hockey pucks struggle to the surface.

Oh Canada

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Most of his son's team is staying at a chain motel on the outskirts of town, but Manny has opted for a little hotel closer to the rink, a cheap, drafty place with a stained toilet and non-matching bed sheets. Abstract paintings of red smeared paint above

Violent Limb Part 1

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Before the new arm, I used to sit outside the players' facility and wonder, in between the throbs of pain pulsing sickly through my temples, how much longer I could be a hockey player.

Emotional Gentrification - excerpt Single Stroke Seven

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Sunday, Nolan and I drop by the ice rink on 10th and Alma to watch the amateur hockey leagues battle it out in an unspoken yet assumed class war: the buff, unemployed rink bums who can grind ice, cross-check, and stick handle like the pros, versus the dou