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We sat under the broken umbrella, its flowered fabric hanging limp on one side. The rain fell softly at the edges of our backs. I kissed his hand, the one without fingers (not a casualty of his job, only of birth). My lips pressed what I couldn't say into his…

Holding Hands in Public

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Take my hand. Take my hand and we will sail through the atmosphere leaving trails of rainbow speckled life written in musical notes behind us. We can go anywhere you want, whenever you wish. The moon in 1974. I hear the earth looks gorgeous during the seventies.…

The Burning

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His hands were on fire, they were burning hot.

Peacefully Peacefully

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We eat Nutella in bed.


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My hands are frozen in a cage.

Five Evangelists

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Five evangelists in bathing suits baptize a man while green chilies roast on a Ferris wheel rotisserie

The Argument

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"What mouths could not say, hands did."

Strange and Silent Hands

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I shuddered. This is how we are chosen by strange and silent hands.


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the moment he started walking my hands were given new tasks to do: