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SNAFU (March Paddy Whacker Challenge)

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The unpublished writer remembered the carnage that surrounded his Foxhole in France and decided he was done praying. All around lay the evidence that no one was listening. The drunken pastor stumbled away.

The Snotgreen Sea

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The only reason why Paddy talked to me at all was because I quoted from Ulysses. The sea, the snotgreen sea, the scrotumtightening sea! I shouted as I shucked oysters for the dinner rush.

Irish, Until We Weren’t

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Who knew the old bird had a tarty past?


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I spent three hours of my Friday afternoon with Mickey in Paddy's Irish Pub in historic downtown Charleston. I had grown up in Charleston. After finishing up law school at The University of South Carolina, I was able to move back with my wife, Sarah, and…

Lyz & Duncan

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This morning, my band mates discussed their relationship deal breakers.

In an Irish pub with a lot of oiled wood

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“I love women. They’re like goddesses.”

Neactains, Quay St.

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Rarely is Quay Street so clean, Monday in rain, Neactain’s ticking over with Slow jazz and crosswords, Stout and steaming anoraks.