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Under Water

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When I was six, my father brought home a fishbowl. Look out for the inhabitants, he said. You can play Neptune in their microcosm of the sea.

Common Sense

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'Yer a cool, cool glass of water baby....'

My Favorite Color

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Mom was a crazy spiritual type...


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Listen to me, at the end of all things, and I will tell you her story.


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Momma takes us to the candle store next door where everything smells sweet as she opens, closes glass lids, lets us lean our faces close, smell pumpkin, lavender, trees...

Blue Glass Star

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“You see?” her mother broke the silence. “That top looks great on you. Such a gorgeous colour.” “It makes me look fat.” “But you are fat. The colour takes attention away from that.”

Either Side of the Glass

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Why do you lie? the old woman repeats when her mouth is not busy filling the waste bin. We sit as far away from her wheedle and wretch as the small waiting room allows. A young woman glares at us through the mental health clinic's safety glass…

The Glass

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Not only half-full/ but stress-fractured


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I didn't see the explosion, the moment when the bomb knocked my brother off his feet like a micro-burst of air lifting a bouncy house, then slammed him back down. Black smoke swirled around the room along with licks of fire. Ground floor windows shattered like women…