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The Secrets of the Dead

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The sun cried in 1915.

Genocide City Zone

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Welcome to the genocide city zone I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay We've been killing folks here All the live-long day If you want to join us You'll have to pay the price Your soul's the cost, so ante up C'mon and shoot the dice Welcome to the genocide city zone …

Fourth World

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Where are you going, boy who never was?

Sunday Morning Series- 5: On Divine Intervention

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What does God find abhorrent?


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If this was the day when the bribes of whiskey and US dollars would fail to work. If on this day a black bag, smelling of shit and fear, would be pulled over his head – the bloodied roots of a knocked out tooth tickling his neck.


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My table offers up the gutted calf/ with carrots and potatoes yanked / alive and whole