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Miss Edna's Lace

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When Elvis died, I felt so empty that I headed straight for Jimmy Choo's, but quietly, with the half-veil of my pillbox hat draped low over my face. I didn't want to draw attention to my vintage Dior mourning outfit, since I normally wear pants, even here. The voices…

The Girls & Boys Club

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She says: Princessing is not a process. I have skirts to be lifted.


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It is she, she the economy of terror, the sexual economy generating libidinal, the being of being economical.

At Seventeen

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I want to become a boy.

Dog & Pony Show

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The boy is a man is a guy is a smoked snack stick is a guide to picking up chicks at online dating sites is an Axe body wash commercial is a robot cartoon is a cautionary tale is a a zombie tv series reject is a country reduced to a whining drooling dog m

The Highwayman

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Aubrey pulled close the wool cloak that used to belong to a pilgrim and wondered if some of that saintliness and pardon might rub off. The mail was late and the bushes damp, but at least years of living in the woods had taught Aubrey to avoid thorns…


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