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What can I say about my brother, Stroman. We are twins and we hate each other. He is an honest, brave man with scruples. He is full of bullshit. He thinks I am morally twisted. He probably has a point there, but I don’t see what that has got to do with

The Year Michael Got His Own Page in the Yearbook

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You can use your shoelaces or an Ace bandage. Loop a belt around your neck and toss the loose end over a shower curtain or closet pole. Pull. Try to lift yourself off the ground.

Game Night

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We’re all competitive and drunk.

TES IV Day 1: Jail & Introductions

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I suppose, if your going to spend some time in a stinking-mould-infested cell, you mind as well find something of a hobby.

End Game

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The will to make/ remains