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the darkness held frieghtened by the surveillance of a distant white shimmer.


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Just thinking aloud, really. And by aloud, I mean typing for someone to read haha.


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most interesting, i investigate all of this at 1:15 on a thursday morning and consistently contradict my assumptions while simultaneously validating them.


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Talking to Shakespeare by the riverside, I am saddened by my lust for women, how my eyes fixate on the spit that passes from top to bottom lip as they talk to me.

I Follow

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Her shoes, left uninhibited below, seem sad but understanding, and she is so in love with something, which makes me so in love with the idea of her.

Nebulous Notion

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I will have been a cloud...

John & Jackie

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By the time I learned how much I loved my family, I was 3 years and eight-hundred miles away from them

We are the rising

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I’m sick of you headless muffuckas searching for a facelift.

Antique Mannequin

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Hard composition and rigid...

Science Homework

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The difficulty of disabled parenting was predictable, but nothing could prepare me for having to say goodbye to my wife again on problem #7.

Coming From Alabama

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In the state that the stars fell on, Love and I stumbled upon bits of God where he forgot sky and moon, too.

The Dilemma

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Scribble something basic with traces of spectacular,pen every pint of pain spilled during the massacrewhittle the convoluted down to the vernacularboiled the whole story, now you got everybody crackin' upnow step back from the business like, “man, that's wack as…

On A Highway Somewhere

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When I think about love, I actually think about life. And when I think about that, I wonder if we’re really who we used to be.

The Morning

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Early in the morning I wanted to send you something for when you wake;


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Locked at the highest rung Unable to budge at all