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Social Aid & Pleasure (novel excerpt)

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There were aliens at Roswell after all. Hundreds of the dusty bastards.

O Fortuna

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She stares at the grinning death’s head in front of her, inviting her to make a deal. Any deal. She looks up and around the casino floor. She is in the center of the maze and there are no exits.

ON THE MORNING OF BEN TANZER, 2012 (notes from a fortune-telling)

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In one photograph, you are seen holding a large, expensive elephant over your head. You are certain the name of this elephant is Fancy Dan, though you are certain also that you have never before met.

THE MOON, THE SUN, AND RYAN W. BRADLEY (not quite a fortune-telling)

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“That’s just Ryan W. Bradley—son of a bitch knows better by now.”

Slight of Hand

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Our ironies don’t make us happy

Slight of Hand

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Our ironies don’t make us happy