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Sometimes it waited after dark, when everyone was asleep, and moved in slowly like a thief, working its way into all the ruwas, up everyone's nostrils, seemingly intent on making the people's mountain existence a troublesome one

Saved (Seven-Fingered Jesus)

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Believe me, I would run if I could, but there seems to be a low haze of molasses clinging to my ankles.

There she sits

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I think of today, of yesterday – of all the yesterdays – bitter-sweet as a twisted candle in the burnt-orange autumn air; amber gold liquid, filling smoky atmosphere purpled in a dusky venetian glass, and the scent of roses a bouquet shimmering

December Can Feel Like April Here

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Today the isobars are far apart.

Patterns on Time

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I trip on the dimples, pimples, / divots camouflaged in the sand


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Dreams & foghorns.