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The Flight

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Of course, you're eventually struck by the thought that the house you saw on the hill was not your house and that those children and the dog are purely matter for the strange.

LH 1787

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How did Hannibal get elephants through that?

Night Flight

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I heard them calling my name. “Will passenger Karen Anderson please come to flight desk Six Fourteen? Flight 912 is ready for takeoff. This is your last call.” “Mario, did you hear that?” I asked. “We’re on the wrong plane!”

Airport Interlude

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The silence at the table was palpable, uncomfortable. I yawned, glanced at my watch, stunned that close to three hours had passed. I’d had enough of this true confession stuff and decided to head to Terminal 8. I slung my bag on my shoulder and stood

Ennui of Wings

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Does flight exhilarate the sparrows