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Rocking Chair

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... What Is this patriotism that permits no illusions except for those Of the duped, lazy, mall-happy, fat-as-rhino people I call my own --

The Grand Unfurl

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The flag was so tattered and furled that it could hardly catch a breeze if it tried, and it looked so tired that catching a breeze was the last thing on its agenda. Rather, it dangled almost lifelessly, a slight wave no more than the movement of a blade o

Memoir of a Hill Staffer

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A day off from work—

Some Patriots Won't Like This Poem (Is It Wrong?)

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i should have fucked as much as i could and raised / a hundred to be like my son, if all pacifists did that / leaving the facists to kill each other

Did You Know? Fun Facts about Flaggish Things (for Flag Day)

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One must never, ever wipe one's hands on a flag, and this wouldn't even be a problem if people weren't so lackadaisical about getting the flag out and up at picnics.

All The Right Steps

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"I didn’t take my mother’s denial of my dream lightly. I wanted it desperately. I cried and pleaded, nagged and begged. On several occasions, I temperamentally got out of the car at a stop sign and walked. Once, my mother said that I was nagging her so mu