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Little Red - Part I

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Well, then buy me a gimlet and hold the olive with the little red thingy in it, I say. Wondering why I said it. On account of there's no reason to think he's not going to bite me.


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When the egg cracked and a kid’s head rolled onto the floor, he flew into a whirl of a rage and cracked his wife’s head open with a bottle of cheap vodka.


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Three A few months later, queuing for cinema tickets with her new boyfriend, she sees him. He's walking down the street — headphones on, eyes down, hands in pockets. She holds her breath until she stops shaking. By then, she'd already decided not to tell. …

Birds of Prayer: 2/8 The Chicken Killer From Brooklyn and his Satchel of Death

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His flat hat, a fur-trimmed streimel, lay on his head like a platter of dead minks, the man's Shirley Temple side-locks dangling like pigtails.

Diptych for Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, Protectoress Against Mice, Rats, and Mental Illness

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So she set about eliminating the problem, all the time recalling some newsmagazine program she’d seen as a child: a discussion of hantavirus, nasty and deadly and spread by mice.

Eleventh Love Poem and Eleventh Song of Despair

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Reality is overrated. A mistake