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How The Unicorn Was Born

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The unicorn's soul rocked gently back and forth in the virtual hammock of a place outside of time, birth, or reality. Things were quite perfect there, with no responsibilities to molecules or other limitations. Once in a while the unicorn sipped from a virtual…

Government Contract

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So what happensTo the VFWIn a global economyAnd the monumentsErected in reverenceAfter the boysWho became menCame back homeTo be fathersThen grandfathersGreat-grandfathersAnd start to fall awayAs the days creep byThat petty paceOf politics as usualFamily DiasporasAnd maybe…

We're Here

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"Let's the beginning...came from...hmmm...does it really matter to you?"


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The story of my life/ would put insomniacs to sleep.