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Everything to do with you

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I don't know, I could go on all day with these little niches he found in every person that made them at least a little interesting. Everyone collects baseball cards.

Put Your Trust in God

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God is my stomach.

Black Night Takes Bite

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The Black night reached under his shiny silk jacket And touched the steamy leather of his holster.

Like Swan Lake

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There is art and / there is beauty

Icebreaker (second draft)

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A short play based on college life.

We Collect Skulls

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all about the American dream

Cube of Boxes

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You could not only hear, but feel the pulse of thundering traffic from a flyover that arced a quarter of a mile from the communal lobby of unpolished floors, multiple letterboxes and dehydrated ferns in various plaster pots.

April Wheeler

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Where am I? The void between life and death. The light at the end is flickering, not as bright nor as strong as I’d hope it would be.