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Artist Statement

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which consisted of me being shoved down a flight of stairs. Thanks to a PELL grant in 1996, I was triumphantly run-over by a family Winnebago in the critically acclaimed, Run-Over. This lead to a series of “happenings” I conducted in alternative space

Dear Zombie William Carlos Williams,

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If you wanted to retain the ownership of said works, then you should not have died.


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Tent City has gone quiet. There is a deadline. I heard it on the news. I’ve never thought about the word before. How in this place it means what it means.

Let The Goddamn Grass Grow

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I would rather be spanking my simian but Mister Rise And Shine And Give God The Glory Glory is disrupting my fantasy life with his lawn mowing across the street.

An Agent of the Positive Writes Home

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You never know, though, how the Bipolars/ will react-- submissive and cooperative/ one minute, wild-eyed and elusively/ energetic the next.

Possible Wildlife

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In one instance, a previous tenant experimented with keeping barrels and bins on the deck next to their (now your) back door. This caused a problem when some raccoon, skunks and a fox were found lingering on and around the premises (separately, of course)