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Can't Wait

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...I am so out of this numbfuck place, this tired valley...

Krissi Jo Irving's Unique Suicide

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Krissi Jo Irving decided in early September that she could not go on living. She was tired of the wheelchair. She was tired of the soap operas and game shows.

The Rotation of the Earth

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After the Russians launched the intrepid Yuri Gagarin and Vostok 1 into space in 1961, Danny Haskell’s mother sat up on their couch late into the night, watching the news on TV, then listening to BBC radio when all the TV stations went off the air. She a

Henry's Night

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Henry recognized the shoes. “There’s a little vampire came in with those on, but I last saw her over by the juice bar.” He couldn’t be bothered with Arthur’s “sections.” The club wasn’t that big that it had to be defined by sections.

In Between Kerens & Ennis

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(all those lonely boxes stuffed with electric light and sick people)

Don't Be Difficult

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maybe eventually time / will erase our time together