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The Five Stages of Editing

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The recent release of my debut novel alt.punk was extraordinarily exciting; however, maturing the novel from first draft to publication was not without editing pains. Similar to the Kübler-Ross theory, I progressed through what I refer to as the “five sta


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She stops six feet from her subject and zooms in. A blur of gray and black sharpens into fur. A heaving abdomen. Pan down to a sac with something moving inside it. A small body peeks out from a small opening. The camera stops. The gravel is cutting into h

The Editor

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Our goal as a press is two fold: to publish the best and brightest that we come across; and to discourage bad, sloppy, writing by murdering the author of the worst submission that we receive each submission cycle.

The Form Rejection

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Jackie got sexual satisfaction from form rejection letters.


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“I’ve gotta take a break from this,” Hector said. “I’m not feeling inspired right now. I’ve added about a thousand words. Why don’t you look it over and put your changes in?” “I can do that,” said Martin. “Impressive! That brings us up to nearly sevent