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Tiffany's Economy

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The world waited with bated breath as Tiffany stood in the grocery store aisle that housed the various kinds of fruit spreads for sandwiches and toast. She tapped her toe and nodded her head this way and that while she compared the qualities of two jars of…

pink sizzle rizzle

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if you have a key fob, you are fired. If you have a real set of keys, you can stay


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It was the most prestigious cashier position in the entire state!


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The box thuds at your feet: mug, plant, wedding photo, the 25-year pen.


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By the time she reached home, dinner would be there in thirty minutes, on the table. Not a lively table, just politeness, and calm. There were no issues of the day that needed discussing, no problems to be solved.

The Sequester

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When the government cut off the money stream to Kentucky's highway department due to sequestration, a term no one understood, Pete got furloughed one day a week. His crew buddies called the pay cut “see-castration.”


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She wonders if he will do the dishes. He said that he would, but that doesn’t mean anything. He said he would do them last week, said he would save money, said he would come home last night. He didn’t do any of those things, either.

Green Flash At Sunset

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front of the postcard is a campfire with the word ‘Utopia’ written in comic sans

Klarheit oder Genug

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F.B.I. then or: "I said later 'for a boob job' and imagined her, a public lawyer, wandering Arizona on foot unable to hide a Playboy-Mansion style rack."