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Man and Dirt

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Wherever you decide to grow Please remember to ask the dirt ‘Am I still dust’

Our Calm Was Born From Your Burning

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You found the old general rocking in his library, half asleep in the dog days of what he calls his retirement, a corncob pipe clenched between his withered graying lips. Rifle barrel leveled at your chest.…

Of Midwest Contortionists In Extremis

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he dreams of levitation or meeting Houdini in the afterlife.

On a Count of the Stars

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The number is very large/ and perpetually changes// as old stars fade, explode,/ or collapse into something not stars

Electric Delirium (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.5)

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Rose, silence her desire when she, in this moment of desire, has passed into the grey and dawdles in the margins of such a hurtful unconventionality. Bend her astray from such a becoming. It would be a horror show: intimate, endless, and bloody, just the

First Law Blues

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Energy is constant though it may manifest/ as dust motes atop the housing of your monitor/ and in the fibers of the filter of your fan coil unit

The Wind Was Caused By Their Leaving

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The thatched roof flew off the stone walls of the house like a hat blowing off. That's when it started blowing. It was the Night of the Big Wind. We were at the wake of John Gribbin when the storm rose up loud as rolling thunder. The wind took poor John right off the ice…

Tabula Rasa

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accidental ground/ for index-fingered figures

The balloon of you

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and the mass exceeds the buoyancy/ and gravity pulls you back,

Dust to Dust

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Perhaps archaeologists will unearth our bodies and miss our minds.

Little Oddities

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The energies align to compel you,/ wave by field, charge by pulse, into/ an ever increasing circle of speed

Everything becomes serious...

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but difficult like uncertainty