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The air smells like dream, like farm shit, like the salty stalling of evolution.

Puffer Fish in the Infinite Laboratory

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They put me in charge of developing a drug that stifles fear.

The Feet Must Go

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There's something wrong with my feet, if they are my feet at all.

Breaking Dawn

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This is where he died, she says to me, and points to the damp pavement. Her hair is wet, and slicked against her neck. The humidity is making everything engulf her. The sleep shorts I bought her last July are loose on her now, but between the rain and

A Man With Pain Behind His Teeth

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He coughed, tongue worrying the now-bare spot with relentless fascination even as he attended to the other side, extracting one half-inch at a time a metal rosary, the beads popping from his gums like so many baby teeth lost long ago.

The Sea of Dreams

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When I wake, I wonderwhat leaves the smile haunting my lips.There is only a ghostly remnant of your eyes, your touch, your kiss. Now I long for the Sea of Dreams,but my body is here imprisoned.Awake, I cannot reach you.The ship has departed; the tides have…

Robots Make Our Food

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“This is where we suck the skin off the beasts,” remarks the General, pointing to a small white tube dangling from the ceiling. “We coat the mouthpiece with mushroom sauce, and as soon as they wrap their stinky bulbous lips around it... VROOOP!"

The Finding Smile

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My mother gave her all to convince him to be a politician. My sister begged on bleeding knees for him to give her head. I just needed somebody to help me find things.

The Stream

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Wrinkling his brow, You’re nearly a woman now, he said. Major in science or math. Write poetry in your spare time.

The Tour(ette's) Guide

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There is a woman in here- I am never alone- but she is fully clothed in Detroit Derby Dolls gear and stands at a modest seven inches tall.

Tumultuous Cracker

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The whole scene smells like paranoia.


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But she knew what she would find. She knew it all the moment she felt the sticky fingerprints behind the slat of her old oak slay bed. The fingerprints that would only be left from a person grabbing it from behind their head. The fingerprints that she

The Glory Leak

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This is the most frustrating kind of amnesia.

Expiration Date

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Ever since they switched from paper scripts to the little rubber balls branded with code I have been inundated with sickness.


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papaya over-ripe displayed on the half with spoons sticking out - ” very ripe, tastes good “ blue crabs cooked with lavender i was sniffing a spoonful when the chef came out