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Final Concert

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They made their way to Neptune PC on foot. It was their favourite band's last show. This is going to be special, Jay said, taking a hit from his flask. I met them after Berlin '92 last week. They're very nice, Trevor said. They should be, for the amount we're paying. …

Celebrity Skin

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I was sent to the island to deliver the materials to Mr. Costner. He is making a period piece called “Pirates of the Gulf of Aden”. It is set in 2010 and shot in VR. Natives led us to his production company's offices. I handed over the…

The First of Its Kind

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There was a pop followed by a hiss. The lab technician opened a hatch. The specimen was perfect: short, round, and covered in fluffy, white feathers. “This is our prototype,” the technician said, removing his helmet. “All the…

Mary M Gets the Job Done

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It was Mother's Day morning when Mary got the call. Could she be there in an hour? Yes, definitely. She threw on her dishwashing rags and went outside. It was just a short walk to the hotel. “Thanks for coming so quickly,…

Horny Pigeon

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My best friend and I are sitting on her daybed watching her sister dance with my boyfriend.  Her sister's shaking her ass in front of his crotch and he's going along like he's got no choice, twisting his hips and flapping his arms like a horny pigeon.  


13481348 views2020 comments1111 favs lick you ice cream, little pink tongue like a cat's, flick, flick... lick fast, girl, the heat's gonna melt it...

And Our Ashes Will Fly

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Finally she reached into the waterfall-fed small pond and palmed a smooth stone, then another.

night vision (04:20)

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The commander removes his goggles (his eyes twitch and burn) but the dunes, enemy tank tracks, and full moon still glow a phosphorous green.