Stories tagged doubt

The Domino Effect

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The universe has no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.

Blank Light, Wooded Light (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.7)

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Ships tumble, cars crash, horns gulp water, bombs burst up from the ground in a halo of screams.

Abject Horror of Objects (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.8)

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Rosey streaks through the city, dragging a flooded umbrella.

To the Bonfire Rhumba (ELECTRIC DELIRIUM 1.9)

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The night is a jelly slosh, a fertile rumble, a rhumba, black and seeping, thick. An arm rises.

A Well-Behaved Skeptic

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There is a backdoor to happiness it is for servants onlyas could have been predictedthere is also a backyard…

Two poems by Kitty Boots

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To dance along the wrack line...

21st Century Living

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there should be a word for it.