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“I said that’s enough!” shouts Pancho, then returns to the counter where he starts dumping the piles of clothes into the plastic laundry basket. The children, wide-eyed, watch quietly from their perches.


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He asked again.

Wrapping Kevin

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Wrapping Kevin It was his last…

Tennis-Bot and the Minimum Wage

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Tennis-bot lost the championship to Pete Sampras &stares out the window – I was haXX0red, he sighs.

Friend of the Week

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“Is your husband abusive?” the therapist asks. Therapy is Kerry’s secret.


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My mother looked up and began to laugh, it was a nervous tittering, but there was delight in her eyes at the crazy spectacle of our small black puppy eluding, probably taunting all these armed police.

A Garden of Knives and Sugar

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...pages and scraps of pages...