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Having brunch with my friends

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I ordered biscuits and gravy at the Sunset Grill, Just before the Amber Alert

The Argument

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"What mouths could not say, hands did."

Speck in the Thrall of Cosmic Forces

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Fear the air and fear the fire./ Fear the land and fear the water./ Creation is out to get you, speck,

'Til Death Unparted

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He woke to scents of lavendertied in a lilac ribbon,flowers on his pillowa soft hand at his cheek.She whispered love forever And his life fell apart. Morning spoke of love refound,sunlight sailed across the roombut dreams of softest momentsmelted in the…


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Secrets happened here.

Sewer Pipe Dreams

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Stormwater sweeps my feet out tumbling me, sending me gutter-sailing. The hydraulic crush rolls and batters, grinding gravel into knees, elbows, head. Flood water tears the Jack from my grip, bottle spinning, clattering, clinking away, and I know it won't be back.…

The Dark

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Where is the one who was brave?