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Bacon's Blood (38)

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Who's gay?

Bacon's Blood (39)

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Terrace de-brief, with Champagne

Bacon's Blood (40)

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Byrd bursts in on Bacon burial plans.

Bacon's Blood (41)

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Sonar on the river. [some adult language]

Bacon's Blood (42)

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Hunt for Nathaniel Bacon's lead coffin--a promising sonar image appears.

Bacon's Blood (43)

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Blow's home. Describes day with Bacon and the Wilcox brothers. Lila fixes salads. (such excitement, be careful you don't hyperventilate)

Bacon's Blood (44)

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Supper with Lila continues, and she suggests they need Perry Mason on the case.

Bacon's Blood (45)

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Oh, yeah, we're still rolling. Blow's in disguise once again.

Bacon's Blood (46)

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Hotel scene (bring your imagination)

Bacon's Blood (47)

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"You want the bad news first, I suppose."

Bacon's Blood (48)

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“Stone, goddammit, open up!”

Bacon's Blood (49)

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Bacon backstory begins.

Bacon's Blood (50)

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the intrigue just keeps unfolding...unfolding...unfolding...

Bacon's Blood (51)

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Bacon's Blood (52)

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At least they rented a comfortable ride.